We were robbed, and now sell stolen: Senator Klimov intention Trump to lift the sanctions


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We were robbed, and now sell stolen: Senator Klimov intention trump to lift the sanctions

Us media reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has prepared a decree abolishing anti-sanctions. According to them, several sources of high political circles reported the lifting of restrictions "unilaterally". However, us senators are also ready for this.

They're going to bring to the upper house of the Congress a bill that could block the possibility of removing the Trump of sanctions against Russia.

a Little later, such a possibility is confirmed by the adviser of the President of the United States Kellyann Conway. She said that soon really possible easing of sanctions against Russia. At least in the administration Trump this step is seen.

Penalties — long phenomenon, and Moscow should not hope for a quick turn. Thus responded to reports of a possible lifting of restrictive measures against Russia, Deputy Chairman of Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on international Affairs Andrei Klimov. Details — in the material Federal news Agency.

"I remember that recently said on this occasion, the Chairman of the government of Dmitry Medvedev: the sanctions is long, and we don't need to hope for a quick turn. And I am one of those people who quite calmly to this attitude.

We are not sanctions have been imposed — is not for us to take them off. The US President is not able to immediately review U.S. policy that has developed in the last three years. It involved the Congress and various other agencies.

In addition, the sanctions established not only the US but the EU, joined by Japan, Australia, New Zealand. Because this topic is not as simple as it seems at first glance," says Klimov.

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According to him, was or not the corresponding instruction from Trump, we don't know yet. About this publish all sorts of dubious messages.

"If someone opens up about a possible lifting of sanctions champagne — I'm not one of them. If there are practical steps in this direction, and no leaks, then Russia has the sense to take this into account because our response cannot be rebuilt in a second. Besides, our economy is now adjusted based on these objective realities. It might have to do with the future a phone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on Saturday.

The parties are trying to prepare for the conversation. The installation of the leadership of Russia is very simple: we talks about sanctions do not initiate and do not store. They were let off, and we will adjust the policy. We do sanctions still adjusting, we need to improve the effectiveness of their work," continues the Senator.

He notes that the us economy from these sanctions does not depend on suffering only Europe.

Motive in order to lift the sanctions, Trump, only one — in a constructive dialogue with Russia. But this friendly move is unlikely to be realized in the near future. Is that on the level of any statements or information bubbles.

"I Repeat: the transaction cannot be determined.

Trump often uses the word, but we are not going to negotiate about the cancellation of the illegal sanctions. It's as if you were robbed, and then they say: we are ready to return stolen and you tell us what in return? Well, friends, this will not work. You return what was stolen, and then we're given the return to dialogue. But it is important to keep in mind that Trump has imposed sanctions, not his administration.

Russia can not be considered responsible. It's an important distinction from what it was when Barack Obama" — adds Mr Klimov.

a Serious deterioration of relations between Russia and the West happened in 2014 — once in Ukraine, a coup took place. First, EU countries, USA and Canada imposed individual sanctions against individuals from Russia, and then used sectoral "restrictive measures" that have already affected entire sectors of the economy. In response, Moscow has imposed restrictions on food imports from the territory of those States which supported the anti-Russian sanctions.

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