Trump is open for transactions: Russia and the United States can be adversaries and partners


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Trump is open for transactions: Russia and the United States can be adversaries and partners

How will shape relations between the US and Russia under President Trump — that is the question that is now of many American citizens.

Federal news Agency is a translation of the article "Who will be trickier: Trump or Putin?" published by the European branch of Newsweek.

Since the beginning of this week in the Western media not only Moscow considers a potential threat to world order and a factor of global instability. USA as soon as much to the government there came Donald Trump, is also now seen by many as a threat.

However, it is not clear what the real political implications of the new situation in the news space.

Is unified in opinion Europe is a U.S. ally or a problem? What is White house policy toward China? Does the new Washington that the doctrine of "one China" can be revised? Is NATO "legacy", it tells us, Trump, or it is "of key importance for the defense of the United States" as expressed at the hearing in the Senate General James Mattis, proposed by the same Trump to the post of Minister of defense?

And, of course, another important question. Who is Russia for the United States: enemy or partner?

the United States and Russia enter a new phase of their relationship, but its contours are still not entirely clear.

Still in many media widely discussed the introduction of the President of the United States Donald Trump and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, their possible friendships. In reality, however, the two leaders still reacting to each other warily.

"If Putin likes Trump, I think it is good. We do not harm and benefit, — said Trump at a press conference two weeks ago. I don't know if we will get along just fine with Vladimir Putin.

I hope I will be able to achieve. But maybe I won't be able to do. And then do you think that Hillary would be tougher with Putin than I?"

Putin has shown more caution in the preliminary statements regarding future political actions of the new President of the United States. "I'm not familiar with Trump.

I have no idea what he was going to do on the world stage, and that is why I have no reason to attack it or something to protect him", explained the President of the Russian Federation.

meanwhile, Putin spoke out in defense of Trump, calling the latest news, including about the alleged Russian interference in the elections in the United States, political opponents of the current President of the United States. "Trained in Kiev and are ready to arrange the Maidan in America," added the Russian President.

Then, Putin spoke of unconfirmed reports that Trump met with prostitutes in Moscow. The leader of Russia called the information bogus, noting that is equal to prostitution and the attempts of the opponents Trump all means to depose the legitimately elected President are an important social problem.

After the press conference Putin Julia Ioffe (well-known American journalist — approx. FAN) noticed that by supporting Trump, Putin proved himself a skilled politician, "senior" in the nascent relationship with "Junior."

But these statements of politicians lead us closer to the answer to the main question: who in Washington will be Russia — enemy or ally?

Opinion of Trump is clearly different from the attitude of most of the other Republicans and even members of his own administration, in whose eyes Russia is the enemy and "main threat" to U.S.

interests, as recently emphasized James Mattis. The views of the elite of the Republican party can't change in an instant. Yet, many Republican politicians took them for many years.

Trump will have to go with Republicans on a compromise, but because the controversy regarding Russia will continue in the future. "Now place it a compromise within the American elite, recently wrote on his Twitter page, Director of the Carnegie Moscow center Dmitri Trenin.

— Trump legitimately elected, Russia is the enemy".

Perhaps that is because as soon as this issue occurs even hint at the specifics, Trump immediately dissolves into ambiguities and contradictory statements. "We have sanctions against Russia — but let's see if we can conclude a couple of good deals," said Trump in an interview with The Times.

"on the one hand, I believe that nuclear weapons should be in the world much smaller and the amount should be reduced. On the other hand, there are the sanctions from which Russia at this moment seriously affected. I think you can make something from what many would have benefited", he added.

Many in Russia and abroad have decided that Trump has proposed a deal under which the US will lift sanctions against Russia in return for nuclear arms reduction.

Russian conservatives offer Trump outraged, and they firmly stated that Russia does not trade its security.

"In fact, Trump offers to disarm Russia. To meet the verbal exhortations of the American leader will be a big strategic error of Moscow," wrote Michael Khodarenok, a military columnist for the online resource .

foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov said that he didn't notice the Trump proposal to lift sanctions in exchange for Russia's refusal from nuclear weapons. Immediately after the Russian politician said Moscow intended to start negotiations with the US on nuclear weapons: "This is one of the key issues of relations between Russia and the United States. I am convinced that we will be able to resume dialogue with Washington on strategic stability, which was interrupted along with other joint initiatives by the administration Obama".

Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to discuss hypersonic weapon, a missile shield in Europe and space weapons.

However, it is clear that during the negotiations on the reduction of armaments if such negotiations take place at all, the us is going to discuss quite different types of weapons.

it is likely that Russian-American relations depart on the second plan, and in the center of the foreign policy Trump will stand the us-China issue. This is due to the strong interdependence between US and China. But the question arises, why among American politicians is now being so sharp and loud discussions about Russia and talk about Chinese policy vector can barely be heard?

In any case, the mutual uncertainty that's happening right now between Russia and the United States, will continue for some time. The word "transaction" often glimpsed in interviews and statements of Donald Trump.

We can assume that this operator is self-taught and recognized master in the transactions intend to wield in the political easier as in one of his corporations. In this case, it is necessary to remain open for any deals. The uncertainty is, who its partners are and who the competitors are, he is just at hand.

Perhaps, at the first stage, the actions of Vladimir Putin seems to be somewhat more predictable than the course of Trump. Of course, Russia — as in the last three years — intends to continue to defend its interests in Ukraine and the middle East.

Nevertheless, Trump and Putin likes to have options, which means they intend to remain open for transactions. The perfect recipe for political uncertainty.


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