Talks on Syria in Astana a watershed expert


2017-01-27 15:15:03




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Talks on Syria in Astana a watershed expert

Moscow, January 27. the inter-Syrian talks in Astana became a turning point, says researcher, IMEMO ran Stanislav Ivanov.

held in Astana Kazakh negotiations to resolve the Syrian conflict became a turning point, according to the IMEMO of the RAS, Stanislav Ivanov. "Yes, the pendulum has not yet swung in the other direction but stopped. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Syrians remain alive, able-bodied.

Every day of cease fire for the Syrian people and the region is, I believe, a great achievement," the expert commented the results of the two-day negotiation process. According to him, the task of the guarantor countries who participate in the political settlement of the situation in Syria, is the preservation of the truce and create conditions for dialogue between the parties.


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