Syria news 27 January 16.30: refugees suffer under the oppression of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, "Nusra" losing fighters in Idlib


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Syria news 27 January 16.30: refugees suffer under the oppression of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, Syria,

Syria, January 27. thousands of residents live in a situation of humanitarian catastrophe in ISIS controlled* the province of Deir ez-Zor, 35 militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham"*** was destroyed in clashes with other Islamist groups in Idlib. It is reported by a military source, the Federal news Agency (FAN) Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouk).


Damascus Province

In the quarter of Jobar, Eastern Damascus suburb, continues protracted battles between the controlling area and leading militants attack government troops. This reports based in Turkey, the Syrian news Agency Qasioun.

it Should be noted that the Syrian army for many months trying to dislodge Islamist militants from the quarter, which is considered the Eastern gate of the capital. The importance of this area is also due to the fact that here are located the headquarters of the security forces and the armed forces of Syria.

the infrastructure of the quarter is the result of intermittent hostilities caused considerable damage.

In the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, South Damascus suburb, was recorded violent clashes between the forces of the Syrian Arab army and militants.

Fights are also in the area of Barada factory in the vicinity of the village of al-Hajar al-Aswad. Leading the attack, government forces attacked Islamist positions. This is reported in the social networks of opposition activists.

In the North-East of the province in the valley of Wadi Barada Syrian army, supported by units of the Lebanese Hezbollah is waging fierce battles with the armed forces holding the town of Ayn al-Figg, activists say.

it Should be noted that in order to attack government troops in the valley is the restoration of water supply of Damascus. More than five million residents of the Syrian capital suffered from a lack of drinking water.

The cause of the crisis was the seizure by militants of the armed groups water stations in the village of ain al-Figg. Responsibility for the incident lay observers to "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham", the largest illegal formation in the area.


Province of Aleppo

In the Eastern part of the province of Aleppo, the forces of the Syrian army continued an offensive against the ISIS to liberate from the terrorists in the town of al-Bab.

Local activists report that as a result of many hours of fighting, government troops were able to establish control over the strategically important height al-Mushrif, gradually tightens the noose around the militant group.

In the Northern and North-Western parts of the province, the Syrian army released last night several rockets on the positions of militias, near the village of Anadan and Darat Izza.

the Artillery of the government troops fired at crowds of Islamists in the al-Lermon, the Northern suburbs of Aleppo. This is reported by activists.

earlier, armed groups occupying positions in the vicinity of Aleppo, once again opened fire on residential areas of the city. One person was killed and ten were injured.

Ankara, meanwhile, reported the destruction of the blows of its force in recent days 22 terrorists and 272 of the objects of the IG in the town of al-Bab and its surroundings located in the village of BASA.

This was reported by Anatolian news Agency.

According to the statement of the General staff, the strikes of the Turkish air force was destroyed, in particular, 21 shelter terrorists, two command post and the gun warehouse.

Previously to the UK-based "Syrian Observatory for human rights" reported that in the attacks of the Turkish troops in ISIS controlled areas near the town of al-Bab and the village of Tadif killed 10 civilians, including a woman and a child.

Recall that the Turkish army, supported by units of the "Free Syrian army" (FSA)** spends in the region of the operation "shield of the Euphrates" for the liberation of the Northern areas of Syria from ISIS.

in addition, the Anatolian news Agency says citing a military source in the vicinity of the settlement Souh in the Northern province of the Kurdish people's protection units, the military wing of the "Democratic Union" (PYD) opened fire on returning to their homes in the liberated from ISIS in Jarabulus refugees. According to the Agency, 7 civilians were killed, three more received.

it Should, however, be noted that this information needs to be confirmed in light of the extremely complex relationship between Kurdish groups and the Turkish government. So in recent weeks, was repeatedly reported that Turkish troops opened fire on positions of forces of the "Democratic forces of Syria" (SDF)***, despite the fact that both parties were involved in operations against Islamic state terrorists.


HOMS governorate

while government troops continued their offensive on ISIS in the vicinity of Palmyra to the East of HOMS, military action is also recorded in the Northern part of the province.

Local activists report that the Syrian army attacked positions of the armed Islamist groups in the area of human settlements Western al-Farhana and Umm Sersuh. Previously received information that the artillery of the government troops fired at clusters of militants in the vicinity of villages Snasel, Gawlik, al-Helmut and al-Mahatta.

At the direction of al-Mahatta and al-Sunesis fighting between the Syrian army and Islamists.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

Received confirmation of the death of two civilians – a man and his child in the shelling militants residential neighborhood Al-Tahtouh in the city of Deir ez-Zor, two days ago. This was reported by "the Syrian Observatory for human rights".

Local activists have reported that the Russian aerospace forces attacked the positions of militants in the vicinity of the neighborhood of al-Ommal (working quarters) North-West of the city.

In the morning, the city established the disturbing calm, both sides are gathering forces to continue the struggle.

Recall that the group holds ISIS in Deir ez Zor largest in the last year the offensive. Government troops backed by Syrian air force and videoconferencing restrain the militants, trying at the same time to release the third year of the besieged garrison of a military airfield near the city.

In the Eastern part of the province, thousands of refugees in the village of Alba Kamal, the second year under the control of ISIS, continue to live in conditions of humanitarian catastrophe. The suffering deprived of shelter Syrians told news portal Diyaruna fled to government-controlled areas to refugees.

Terrorists are committing daily acts of aggression against the refugees.

Police IG has repeatedly delayed civilians on charges of violating the decrees of the command group. Militants periodically carry out arrests "blindly" executing and concluding in prison on charges of "treason" accidentally got their hands on residents.

Except for persecution by the militants, the refugees are also suffering from hunger and lack of medicines.


Province of Dar

In a few areas of the Western part of the province of Dar was recorded clashes between militants and armed Islamist groups on one side and associated with the IG group "Jaish Khalid bin al-Waleed" on the other. Local activists report casualties on both sides.

In the village of Abu Hajar fighting continued between the militants of the "free Syrian army" terrorists and ISIS.



In the area of the prison in Idlib last night was recorded clashes between militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham"*** on the one hand and "Ahrar al-sham" and her allied groups on the other. About it reports TV channel RT.

Recall that the prison was seized in the night from 25 to 26 January, militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham", "Sukur al-sham".

The victorious side has allowed the loser of the Islamists to leave the scene, and control over the prison was handed over to the coalition "Jaish al-Fatah", which refers to "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham".

meanwhile, the situation in the province remains extremely tense, Islamist groups have moved from the local collisions of open armed confrontation. As reported by the government media, 35 militants "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" were killed in clashes with Islamists "Jaish al-mujahidin (Army of the Mujahideen") and "Sukur al-sham" ("falcons of the Levant").


Province of Hama

the Conflict between Islamist factions has also led to complication of the situation in the North-East of the province of Hama. The command "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" asked the other armed groups in the city Halfa to swear allegiance or leave the town within a few days, after passing the group all their staffs. This was reported by news portal SyriaWatan.

Also received information that the militants "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" Islamist killed one of the factions, which is going to provide armed resistance.


Province of al-Hasaka

"the Syrian Observatory for human rights" reported that Turkish troops have fired machine guns at the settlement masrik to the North of the Kurdish forces controlled the border town of al-Qamishli in the Northern part of the province of al-Hasaka.

Two people were injured varying degrees of severity, the fate of four others remains unknown.

it Should be noted that the city of al-Qamishli is the capital of Syrian Kurdistan.



Peaceful life is slowly returning to the liberated by government forces from terrorists of the IG parts of Eastern Mosul. 16 thousands of children returning to school in the city's schools. This was stated by acting under the auspices of the United Nations, the international organization UNICEF.

in addition, more than five thousand refugees return.

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