Joker red Jack: the new German foreign Minister will try to play the map of the Russian Federation


2017-01-27 14:30:13




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Joker red Jack: the new German foreign Minister will try to play the map of the Russian Federation

the President of Germany has released Frank-Walter Steinmeier from the post of foreign Minister. The Ministry was headed by former economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel. In what direction can change on this background, the diplomatic relations of Berlin and Moscow? Understand the Federal news Agency.

Steinmeier goes to a bright future: in November, he was nominated for the presidency. The post exceptionally appealing, particularly the power it carries.

Rumor has it that German Chancellor Angela Merkel thus delicately got rid of a competitor before the election to the Bundestag. Anyway, his replacement is already at work: next week he will visit Washington. There he will meet with the Vice President Mike Pence and possible Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. And then travel to France.

Already full of care.

"Gabriel held the post of Minister of economy and Finance, and was Minister of the environment and ecology, after the departure of Steinmeier, we like to see continuity, because it represents the social democratic party (SPD). That is the political force, which has traditionally favoured closer ties with Russia. Steinmeier is known to balance all the statements of Angela Merkel, has developed a plan for the phased lifting of sanctions with Russia. In this context, we could say that Gabriel will continue this policy, but here are a few interesting points," — says senior researcher of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Catherine Timoshenkova.

the First important point — agenda and the relations of Europe and the United States.

Which, as you know, now is far from ideal.

"And here Gabriel is already known for his fresh remarks. Since Germany is an export power, it delivers to US, and Trump said about protective measures and even impose fines for exceeding the proportion of the goods imported to the States. But, according to the new head of the foreign Ministry, a possible trade war Trump with the countries of South America, Asia, Mexico — a chance for Germany to compensate for possible losses from export directly to Washington. This thesis has found support in an industrial environment", — the expert continues FAN.

Read on:

the Second important point is the beginning of the new US President and his administration.

It is difficult to build an international policy of not considering this factor.

"the Arrival of the Trump chance for Germany to become the leading and more active power on the international market and more a global player. Even Steinmeier has developed certain leadership concepts, and Gabriel says about the structure of Europe as the kernel: if earlier it was about a Europe of different speeds, but now he denies the important role of the States in the second plan, is not able to integrate into the EU. The concept of a new Europe one of the unifying motifs just might be the foreign policy. In particular, the opposition of some of the USA and Russia", — said the source.

In particular, she drew attention to the information that exists in the state and which is formed largely by the politics of the media.

"At the beginning of January that the head of the office for the protection of the Constitution made that hacker attacks in USA were committed by Russia, and it cannot be excluded that Moscow will continue to meddle in the election campaign in Germany.

This thesis is not confirmed by official evidence, but actively thrown in the German media. Elections to the Bundestag in late September. And generally foreign policy doesn't play a major role, should reach the immigration crisis, security issues, taxes. But not this time.

Played the map with Russia, diverting the attention of voters also is a definite and important place," continues Timoshenkova.

And the Joker it will be a red Jack, need to address the SPD. According to her, members of the party will have to think about the concept of how to speak in public and in the media in the context of relations with Russia. On the one hand, they need to take a stand on interventions for election, react, on the other hand, they advocate a rapprochement with Russia, business is also not against this move.

The task, which may be Gabriel not.


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