You'll be third: why Merkel wedged in a telephone conversation Putin and Trump


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You'll be third: why Merkel wedged in a telephone conversation Putin and trump

Press Secretary of the Russian President Vladimir Putin has placed all points over i: conversation Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on the phone will really take place on Saturday. He even revealed some of its details, but without much detail. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency spoke with analysts about what to expect from the talks between the two leaders, and why they needed to Angela Merkel.

German Chancellor did not come from out of nowhere — her conversation with Trump suddenly also scheduled for Saturday. From the outside it looks like angel is concerned, as agreed by Putin and Trump, and also want to join an important conversation.

It is clear that it can justify the need for this: in fact, Ukraine is in Europe, the problem of peaceful settlement of the Donbass need to be solved together, well, all in the same spirit.

"I don't think there is a conspiracy theory. Telephone calls happen periodically, sometimes two or three a day between the two leaders. Time to talk the United States to Europe and Russia chosen, given the time difference, and the loading of the working day one and other.

And so the same, which is convenient for everybody to talk on Saturday. The future of relations with the EU and Russia occupied a large place in the campaign of Trump, and you need to approach this issue more concretely, not only from the point of view of promises but of real cases. I don't think a phone conversation will lead to a revolution or the announcement of some initiatives, but without it is impossible to arrange a further meeting. Not sure what we will talk about the lifting of sanctions.

Soon, Trump will repeat beloved the word "transaction". It will imply the agreement of the two parties, any reciprocal steps", — commented Director of the Institute of contemporary state development Dmitry Solonnikov.

Peskov said that Putin intends to congratulate Trump on assuming the position, and then in the telephone conversation to exchange opinions on the main aspects of the current bilateral relations. It is known that the conversation will take place, when in Moscow will be already evening. But Peskov urged not to wait for the breakthrough nature of the conversation shortly after joining Trump in the post.

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"Talking with Putin, Trump will discuss not only the problems of Russian-American relations, but also issues related to American policy in Europe and the normalization of relations with the EU. It is no secret that Brussels is the political sense depends on Washington. So either Merkel will join this phone conversation via teleconference, or Putin and Trump will speak with her separately after that conversation. It should be: will address issues related to the European agenda.

If it is about the meeting of Putin and Trump somewhere in Europe, if they agree, Merkel will need then be sure to call. As the head of the state, which built the entire architecture of the EU, including security issues," — said the scientist Andrey manoylo.

Today, the Western media reported that the administration Trump has prepared a document on lifting of Russia sanctions. Information can be confirmed on Saturday, and it can lead to great disappointment of the West and those that still wanted influence in Moscow.

"To discuss Putin and Trump a lot of.

First, the sanctions regime, because Trump is going to take them off. Not all of course, but gradually. And Europeans are afraid that the decision of the United States with Russia will be back in the mode of direct agreements and put them before the fact. Will report how the world has changed.

Therefore, in Europe, nervousness, and attraction Merkel aims to remove this nervousness. Plus the thought of a possible meeting in the EU can be discussed a second time", — the expert continues FAN.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in 2014 after Ukraine was a coup. EU countries, USA and Canada first imposed individual sanctions against individuals, and then deployed against Moscow and sectoral "restrictive measures", which touched on whole sectors of the economy.


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