Ahead of the curve: will cancel if Trump anti-Russian sanctions unilaterally


2017-01-27 12:30:35




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Ahead of the curve: will cancel if trump anti-Russian sanctions unilaterally

the administration of the President of the United States Donald Trump has prepared the necessary documents for the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. About this in his Twitter account announced researcher of the analytical center Atlantic Council of the Fabrice Potier. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency spoke with the expert about the possibility of the abolition of "restrictive measures" against Russia.

According to pottier, the order of the President to remove sanctions against Russia has been prepared. He reminded, is scheduled for Saturday talks between Berlin, Moscow and Washington.

in addition, information about the lifting of sanctions against Russia confirmed a member of the American edition of Politico Susan Glasser.

According to her, "restrictive measures" will be abolished unilaterally.

Recall, a serious deterioration of relations between the Russian Federation and Western countries, including the United States, has deteriorated in 2014 in connection with the state coup in Ukraine. Initially, the European Union countries, USA and Canada imposed individual sanctions against individuals, was then used against Moscow sectoral "restrictive measures" affecting entire sectors of the economy. In response, the Russian Federation introduced restrictions on the import of food products from countries that supported anti-Russian sanctions.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the first telephone conversation the Russian leader and the President of the United States Donald Trump may be held on Saturday, January 28.

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"I do Not think US so soon lift sanctions against Russia, and even unilaterally.

Judging by how difficult the process of establishing contacts between the administration of the tramp, the hope is now such a strong promotion in Russian-American relations at least premature. Donald Trump said recently that it will offer Russia in exchange for the lifting of sanctions some kind of deal. In Moscow in response to the trial step of the Trump of establishing relations, said that sanctions do not change into something else. And then in the last few days it was obvious that the process of building mutual understanding between Moscow and Washington is stalling.

I think if Trump and there will be some concrete proposals for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, he will make them to Moscow not earlier than held the first meeting with Trump Vladimir Putin. Now, on the eve of the first telephone conversation of two presidents, these distractions should be regarded as a game within the environment of Donald Trump," explained FANG analyst Maxim Zharov.

According to experts, the first telephone conversation the two presidents will be purely formal and do not expect from him a breakthrough. Vladimir Putin will congratulate Trump on assuming the office of President of the United States, the parties agree on the establishment of bilateral contacts.

"more now we can not count, because Russian-American relations is not U.S. relations with Mexico, where Trump might cancel the meeting with the President of this country due to the fact that this country refuses to pay for the construction of a wall on its border with the United States. Russian-American relations is a very delicate issue, and it will be discussed at the Congress, where no Russian lobby we don't have, and Vice versa, there is a strong anti-Russian lobby.

Trump as a politician-a populist will develop their attitude to Russia in the course of this debate, with an eye on its main participants and agents. In addition, I don't think Trump talks with Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel will be linked. The agenda of these two different conversations. Judging by the calls of the new head of the Pentagon of the defence Ministers of France and Germany, during which he reassured his European colleagues and assured them that the U.S.

position on NATO remained unchanged, despite previously made by Trump's statements, the agenda of the conversation with Merkel Trump will be about the same" — summed up Maxim Zharov.


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