The state of Syria is re-created: the Senator dzhabarov the work on the Constitution of the SAR


2017-01-27 12:30:06




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The state of Syria is re-created: the Senator dzhabarov the work on the Constitution of the SAR

Russia does not intend anyone to impose his draft of the Constitution of Syria, said today the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov during a meeting with a delegation of the moderate opposition.

the Minister noted that around the draft Constitution, which was proposed by the Russian side at the meeting in Astana, "there are a lot of misunderstandings". Some even accuse Russia in that it tries to impose on the people of the Syrian Arab Republic his vision of what should be its basic law, for example, as the Americans did once in Iraq.

Offering its own draft Constitution, Russia only gave the Syrians the idea. However, note that the Russian version of the Constitution of the SAR was based on the wishes of the Syrians themselves, the opposition and the government.

Moscow wanted to stimulate discussion on this issue. What exactly should be the final version of the Constitution, of course, to be determined by the citizens of ATS. "We are convinced on the experience of the past almost five years that if you do not put on the table a concrete proposal, we can never start real work", — adds Sergey Lavrov.

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Vladimir dzhabarov, the first Deputy Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, recalled that the talks in Astana — a prelude to the upcoming negotiations in Geneva. What eventually would be the Constitution of the SAR, is largely dependent on the success and productivity of the Geneva format.

"How constructive is the position of all participants in the negotiations, depends on the fate of the ceasefire agreement and the draft the future Constitution. It's a long process. A day or two, you can start a war, but to stop her, to move toward the world, much harder," the Senator said in an interview with Federal news Agency.

"what matters Now is that one of the parties to the Syrian conflict don't have any desire to break off the negotiations or because of their ambitions and vergamini to demand the impossible. Need very hard work.

The Syrians should move towards peace step by step yielding to each other. The guarantor countries of the peace process — I mean Russia, Turkey, the United States — should help finding common points of view among participants of the Syrian conflict. You need to consider the complex interests of each party of the civil war — the moderate opposition, the Kurds, the legitimate government in Damascus. Everyone has their own interests, recently they could not even think about how to engage in a discussion.

Meanwhile, now they sat at the table and discussing something together. But too much blood has been shed over the years, too many disputes, too much offense: personal, family, clan. All this should be discussed step by step. These blockages are yet to rake", — continues Vladimir Jabbarov.

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Much depends on Russia and the United States.

These two countries, if they find common language, will contribute to the speedy end of the bloodshed and as a result, upgrading and reconstruction of the Syrian state. "During the negotiation process, the state of Syria should be, in fact, re-created with the new Constitution, with a new set of rules. This is a very difficult job. One of the main issues now is the status of Syrian Kurdistan.

It is clear that in all conditions, Syria should remain a single state. Its disintegration would lead to chaos throughout the middle East," concluded the Senator.

"But if the President of the United States Donald Trump is really ready to fight the Islamic state (banned in Russia), as he already said, if he is willing to enter into a coalition with the Russian Federation and other countries, the question of the Geneva negotiations can be considered relegated to the background. Yet the Syrian civil war once kindled it is the "Islamic state" and "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" (banned in Russia). They provoke the greater part of the clashes between the opposition and official Damascus and now", concludes Senator.

When the US and Russia will unite against these two terrorist organizations, said Vladimir dzhabarov, the degree of tension at the negotiating table in Geneva immediately reduced.


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