Cosmic delirium of the Pentagon: why the U.S. gossip about lasers from Russia


2017-01-27 12:15:17




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Cosmic delirium of the Pentagon: why the U.S. gossip about lasers from Russia

Moscow, January 27. General U.S. air force John Khayten accused Russia of developing weapons against satellites outer space, including lasers. In this regard, he urged States preparing for war and to be prepared to deter "bad behavior in space."

Anti-space threat Khayten said, surprised military experts, after all, a recognized leader in developing technology to destroy satellites in earth orbit is China, and Washington knows that. The political scientist Alexander Asaph considers that the American General specially "mixed up" Russia with China.

He noted that the United States is very far from the success of China, while Khayten in his speech guided by other motives: it was important for him to associate Russia with the cosmos in the light of recent news related to this subject".

At the same time, according to Asafova, the Pentagon panics and against the opinion of the engines of carrier rockets "proton-M" for finalization, which tells about the return of Moscow to the large-scale space projects.

"For US it is a direct threat and competition – all future conflicts of the world powers will inevitably be associated with the cosmic sphere, it is the weapon of the future", — the expert explained in the comments. Of Asaph also stressed that Washington is aware that Russia loses in this field and tries not to give odds of Russia, creating for this negative background information.

First Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov also considers the statements of the U.S. General manifestation of the information war. "US aim to achieve and maintain dominance in space.

Some long time engaged in the creation of laser weapons. Established a sufficiently effective system of anti-satellite weapons, tested it and has already launched", - he told in conversation with. That is why, in his opinion, statements that Moscow is creating its own space as a threat, not serious. "They are in an information war to justify another round of build up their arms," — says Sivkov.


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