Lavrov handed the Syrian opposition a draft Constitution


2017-01-27 11:00:21




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Lavrov handed the Syrian opposition a draft Constitution

Moscow, January 27. the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov handed over to the representatives of the Syrian opposition meeting in Moscow the project of the Constitution of the SAR, said the representative of the Moscow group of the Syrian opposition, Qadri Jamil.

"We have received from Lavrov of the Russian proposal on the Syrian Constitution," stated Jamil.

Earlier it was reported that members of the Higher Committee on negotiations (CPSU) Syrian opposition head of the foreign Ministry of Russia in Moscow.

At the talks in Astana the representatives of Moscow handed over to the Syrian opposition proposals for the Constitution of Syria. Thus, drew attention Lavrov, the Russian side opened the discussion on the content of the basic law of the SAR.


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