Syria news 27 January 12.30: Aleppo is again under fire from militants, ISIS staged mass executions in raqqa


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Syria news 27 January 12.30: Aleppo is again under fire from militants, ISIS staged mass executions in raqqa

Syria, January 27. Armed forces once again shelled residential areas of Aleppo, ISIS massively executed captured fighters "the Democratic forces of Syria"**** in the province of raqqa. It is reported by a military source, the Federal news Agency (FAN) Syria Ahmad marzouk.


Damascus Province

In the quarter of Jobar, an Eastern suburb of Damascus, violent clashes are continuing between Syrian army and armed groups. This is reported in the social networks of local activists.

Recall that in recent weeks, government forces increase pressure on militants in the quarter to free the Islamists from the suburbs of the Syrian capital.

In Eastern Guta of Damascus, government forces fired a shell at the positions of armed groups in the vicinity of the settlement, Giran.

it Became known that the Syrian army thwarted the attack of militants in the village of al-Muassa in the Eastern part of al-Qalamon, 5 terrorists were eliminated. This was reported by the Lebanese channel Al-Manar.

To the North-West of Damascus in the Wadi Barada valley, the Syrian army inflicted massive strikes on the positions of Islamists in the village of Ayn al-Figg and Deir Mokarran.

On the outskirts of these villages continue protracted fighting between government troops, supported by units of the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the armed forces, the largest of which are "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham"***. Syrian activists report casualties on both sides.

Recall that most of the settlements of the valley has returned to peace thanks to an agreement signed between the Syrian government and the command of the factions of the armed opposition, however, some militias refused to surrender their weapons and continue to hold a number of villages. Other groups of radicals have taken refuge in the mountainous areas, where periodic shelling of the valley. Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties is trying to convince them to join the truce.

Recall that the gunmen held the village of Ayn al-Figg is a water station, 80% of supplying water to Damascus.

The result of more than five million residents of the Syrian capital remain without drinking water. Yesterday in Damascus held a mass protest action, which participants called on the international community to exert pressure on countries that support armed groups.


Province of Aleppo

the Syrian news Agency SANA has denied information about the capture by terrorists of ISIS city Khanasser in the South-Eastern part of the province of Aleppo. It is reported that the area of the city strategically important highway linking Aleppo with other parts of Syria, works in a usual mode. The attack of terrorists in the vicinity of the city was stopped.

it Should be noted that this is not the first case when the command has resorted to misinformation, exaggerating their military successes.

the people of Aleppo continue to suffer from intermittent attacks by the armed groups.

The militants occupying positions in the vicinity of the city, fired a shell at the neighborhood of al-Hamadania. One person was killed and ten received injuries of varying severity. Reported to UK-based "Syrian Observatory for human rights".

In response, government forces opened fire on positions of armed groups to the South of the city.

Also received information that yesterday in the quarter of Al-Sukkari in Aleppo, a mine blew up a civilian.

In the Eastern part of the province the forces of the Syrian army under the command of Brigadier General Suhail al-Hassan to continue the offensive on ISIS in order to free from terrorists the town of al-Bab.

Since yesterday evening, government forces regained control over the settlement of items al-Madiun and the surrounding fields and over the complex of the University of al-Maamoun. This is reported by the Syrian media.

"the Syrian Observatory for human rights" argues that the result of yesterday's shelling by Turkish troops ISIS controlled areas near the town of al-Bab and the village of Tadif killed 10 civilians, including a woman and a child.

According to the center, from November 13 - the start of Ankara's operations in the town of al-Bab shelling Turkish forces killed 303 civilians, including 61 teenagers and 36 children.

In the West of the province the situation has worsened because of the armed confrontation between militants groups "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" on one side and "Ahrar al-sham" and her allied forces on the other. Local activists reported that troops "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" demanded that the militants of other groups that are in the area, release all your staffs.

Also received information that the victim of yesterday's shelling of militants "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" demonstration of the inhabitants of the village of al-Jalazun protesting against the presence of Islamists in the village, became a teenage girl.


HOMS governorate

Military action is gradually spread to the North of the province of HOMS. Syrian air force attacked positions of armed groups in the area of human settlements Snasel, Gawlik, al-Helmut and al-Mahatta. This is reported in the social networks of local activists.

the direction of al-Mahatta and al-Sunaysilah there are fights between government forces and Islamists.

In the Eastern part of the province the Syrian army continues offensive on ISIS near Palmyra in order to free the ancient city from terrorists.

Fierce fighting is near the military airport Al-Tifor (T-4). Activists reported that militants of the group, in turn, shelled the government-controlled settlements jubb al-Jarrah and al-Masudi. Data on victims did not arrive yet.

Recall that yesterday the Syrian army has managed to significantly strengthen its positions in the area of Palmyra, 15 km of penetrating deep into the region of bear al-Favera South-East of the military airport.


Deir ez Zor

In Deir ez-Zor lull.

Fighting between the Syrian army and conducting the largest over the past year, the attack by the terrorists of ISIS stopped for a few hours.

Local media reported that in an attack by Syrian air force in the vicinity of the city was destroyed by the terrorist group.


Province of Dar

In the West, the province of Dar the forces of the "free Syrian army" (FSA)** Turkey-backed Syrian armed formation, attack on ISIS. The fighting is in the vicinity of the village of Abu Hajar.

it Should be recalled that the SSA troops with the support of Turkish troops are also involved in the operation "shield of the Euphrates", aimed at the liberation of the Northern regions of Syria from the terrorist groups.



the Situation in Idlib province remains extremely tense because of intermittent clashes between militants groups "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" on one side and "Ahrar al-sham" and her allied forces on the other.

In the area of human settlements Ihsam and Ad-Dana in the mountains of Jabal al-Zawiya in the Northern province of fierce fighting between militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" and "Sukur al-sham" (one of the six groups, announced yesterday on its accession to the "Ahrar al-sham"). Had been destroyed several pieces of equipment from both sides, according to local activists.

Recall that yesterday evening the commanders of "Ahrar al-sham" blamed "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" in violation of the agreement on the ceasefire in Idlib, in light of previous statements by the group can be considered the beginning of full-scale war between the Islamists in the province.


Province of raqqa

In the Western part of the province is one of the fighters of the "Democratic forces of Syria" (SDF) was killed in clashes with ISIS.

Local media also reported that the terrorists in the city At Tobacco, the direction of which are the most fierce fighting, massively executed SDF soldiers, who were captured during the battle for located in the vicinity of the village the Euphrates dam.

it was Also reported that the victims of the operations of the air force of the international coalition once again become civilians in the area of oil refinery in the village Khanida in an airstrike killed three civilians.

the IG, meanwhile, is struggling to stop the offensive, which SDF troops are in the province, with the support of coalition air forces in operation "Wrath of the Euphrates". Local activists report that the terrorist group has forced the owners of stores located on major streets of Raqqa, to build their institutions of barricades a height of 1.5 meters of sandbags, ready for street fighting with the Kurdish fighters.


Province of Hama

Five Syrian army soldiers were killed in the mine explosion on the road South from the village of Al-saan in the North-Eastern part of the province of Hama.

Was also destroyed a vehicle carrying weapons and ammunition. This was reported by local activists.


Province of As-Suwayda

the Syrian army fired on a convoy of Islamic state terrorists in the village of Ar-Rashida is in the North-Eastern part of the province of As-Suwayda. Several vehicles of the militants were destroyed, local media also reported about the elimination of several terrorists.


Province of al-Hasaka

In the North-East province of al-Hasaka aircraft, membership of which was not known, attacked the outskirts of the village of al-Qahtaniya. This is reported by the Kurdish media.

Further details at the moment didn't arrive.



One soldier of the Iraqi army were killed, the vehicle of government troops were killed in the attack Islamic state terrorists in the village of Sher Khan to the North of Mosul. This is reported by the rebels controlled the media, but official confirmation of this information before .

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