Trump should not pursue Pro-Russian policy — Zakharova


2017-01-26 19:59:16




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Trump should not pursue Pro-Russian policy — Zakharova

Moscow, January 26. Moscow is not waiting for the Pro-Russian course from the new U.S. administration, but hopes for her pragmatism. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

She explained that in politics there are no "easy partners", and American authorities can not be "Pro", however, in relations of two States there are issues and problems that need to be addressed.

"Nobody expects the Pro-Russian leaders, Ministers, managers and so on. Everyone is waiting for a pragmatic approach to solving common problems", — she declared on air of TV channel "Russia 24".

Earlier, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that critical period in Russian-American relations, which emerged during the reign of President Barack Obama, can be overcome only with time.


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