Senator Kosachev: Syrian opposition postpones meeting in Geneva, waiting for a new concessions


2017-01-27 10:45:07




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Senator Kosachev: Syrian opposition postpones meeting in Geneva, waiting for a new concessions

the inter-Syrian talks in Geneva postponed until the end of February. It was originally planned that the warring parties of the civil war in Syria will sit at the negotiating table on February 8. About this today during a meeting with a delegation of Syrian moderate opposition said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov.

Recall that if the main instigators of the Kazakhstan format of inter-Syrian negotiations are Turkey, Iran and Russia, then the Geneva meeting held under the auspices of the UN. Sergei Lavrov believes that the past 23-24 January meeting in Astana "has served as a stimulus for the UN a little bit to intensify their actions".

In any case, many representatives of the Russian expert community and politicians are very skeptical about the Geneva format.

the Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, for example, believes that in Geneva more media attention than the negotiations themselves. "Meeting in Astana can be considered a success, if we compare it with the Geneva negotiations. In Switzerland the discussion was too political. It involved a lot of unnecessary middlemen, so the real compromise there was no smell", — writes the newspaper .

whatever it was, the postponement of the summit in Geneva so soon after the first round of talks in Astana looks weird.

What this means for the entire process of peaceful settlement in Syria? It's a good sign or bad? With these questions, Federal news Agency turned to Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Committee of Federation Council on international Affairs.

"From my point of view, it's not a good sign and not bad. However, it is an indication that there is substantive work, and no one is trying the next stage of this work to adjust to a specific date. The contents of the negotiation process, of course, is more important than form. And under the contents in this case, I understand possibly the most complete representation of these consultations and negotiations and all those interested in the Syrian issue.

as far As I understand, there are still problems associated with the participation in the consultations of the so-called armed opposition.

In its ranks quite a lot of groups, between them there is no unity about who should submit, and what position it should take at the negotiating table. These people really need time to develop their position. Perhaps the postponement of the summit in Geneva and due to the fact that the opposition is deliberately delaying the process, hoping to achieve some counter-offers and concessions. However, I can't say for sure", — quotes their point of view, Senator.

In any case, the postponement of talks in Geneva since the beginning of February to the end of the month is not a reason for dramatization.

"You should not draw any hasty conclusions. The main thing now is to ensure that the performance of talks on Syria that they actually led to a lasting truce, beginning of political process and the consolidation of all anti-terrorist forces against terrorist forces. Here date is of secondary importance pot relative to the work, which is always preceded by negotiations", — sums up Konstantin Kosachev.


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