The US state Department on its last legs: appointees of Obama fleeing the sinking ship


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The US state Department on its last legs: appointees of Obama fleeing the sinking ship

the Leaders of the US Department of state EN masse resign. Today it became known that several high officials of the American foreign Ministry has decided to resign, not wanting to cooperate with the office of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. It is the Deputy Secretary of state for the administration of the Patrick Kennedy and his three direct reports: administrative assistant Joyce Barr, assistant for consular Affairs Michelle bond and the curator of the work with foreign diplomatic missions in the United States gentry Smith.

Recall that John Kerry, Secretary Obama for the past four years, resigned immediately after the inauguration of the Trump. At the same time with him retired his first Deputy, Anthony Blinken, assistant Secretary of state for diplomatic security Gregory Starr and Director, Bureau for management of foreign property Lydia Muniz.

Soon the resignation of press Secretary of the state Department John Kirby and Victoria Nuland, Deputy Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia.

the Washington Post reported the news of the latest resignations, suggests that the future Secretary of state Trump Rex Tillerson when he finally takes office, it won't be easy. The administrative structure of his Department almost completely destroyed, valuable professional and institutional experience accumulated over the years, lost.

Alexei Mukhin, head of the Center for political information, adheres to absolutely other opinion. "I have to admit that the insights from this "Exodus" must be made opposite to those trying to impose on the public the American press. The expertise of the state Department in the last four years has caused many issues.

Just look at the international situation, in particular on the situation in Libya, in Iraq and Europe. Just look at how when Secretary of state Kerry to develop relations with Russia. American diplomats clearly lacked professionalism. Because care of all these high officials cannot be called institutional loss or something like that.

On the contrary, it is an opportunity for Americans to refresh the composition of its foreign Ministry and increase its expert and intellectual level. What is happening now is a blessing, and not a loss", — he gives his point of view in the comments Federal news Agency.

Indeed, the American media can rant about what a valuable experts and professionals retire, not wanting to work with Trump. But this, insists Mukhin, does not negate the fact that such an important office as the U.S.

State Department should be judged by his deeds and by his actions.

"In recent years, the results of operations of the state Department caused a lot of criticism. Dissatisfied with his work was not only opponents, but even with traditional partners and allies of the United States. There is enough to ask, say, Japanese or European comrades. Kirby, Psak, Power, Nuland, all the other prominent figures who worked in the state Department over the past years, was very ambiguous characters.

To their activities, we can formulate a very specific claim.

For example, the Ukrainian project. What was it? Direct intervention in the Affairs of a sovereign country — it is enough to recall the liver Nuland on the Maidan. Or, for example, Jennifer Psaki and John Kirby. Both held at different times the post of press Secretary of the state Department.

In both statements, especially when they talked about Russia — lacked any evidence base. The picture is of lack of professionalism of employees of the state Department, that is, oil-painted. These "experts" Trump would not get along. He needs a professional Department, not a machine for the production of state propaganda, capable of only the most rigid and idealized policy" — continues the analyst.

The same Washington Post insists that Trump and his future Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will not be able to find a replacement for all those people in the private sector or somewhere else.

Supposedly not many in the US skilled diplomats versed in the bureaucracy of the State Department. This, the analyst believes, an obvious exaggeration, and even outright lie. "Professional diplomats and experts in the United States abound. Those positions that are vacant now will be instantly employed more qualified staff," concludes Alexei Mukhin.


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