Syria today: Aleppo and Latakia receive assistance, cooperation against ISIL


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Syria today: Aleppo and Latakia receive assistance, cooperation against ISIL

Syria, January 27. In Aleppo and Latakia were eight humanitarian actions. London admitted the possibility of cooperation with the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR). The German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appreciated the efforts of Russia and Turkey for peaceful settlement of the crisis. Latest news Syria — in the material Federal news Agency.


Help from Russia

According to the Russian Center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria for the past day in the provinces of Aleppo and Latakia more than 4.3 thousand civilians have received humanitarian assistance.

Only two provinces have passed 8 humanitarian actions.

it is Noted that the residents of the six districts of Aleppo received more than 3.8 tons of bread and 1,5 thousand servings of hot food. The civilian population of the village Chilby (province of Latakia) received from the Russian military more than 150 food parcels. The experts of the Russian Federation delivered more than 4.7 tons of humanitarian cargo.

in addition, according to the Center, the Russian sappers over the past day cleared 55 houses, four mosques and one school. As a result of search works 117 were cleared of explosive objects.

Cleared more than 72 acres, cleared of explosive objects in excess of 15.5 kilometers of roads.


Intermediate step

As stated Steinmeier, the efforts of Moscow and Ankara on the Syrian settlement on the political talks in Astana — only an intermediate step. According to him, Russia has made a significant contribution to "the fall of Aleppo" and strengthened the position of Syrian President Bashar Assad. However, he said, the liberation of Aleppo is not a solution of the military conflict in the country. Both Moscow and Ankara know that.

In his opinion, the crisis in Syria can only be solved with the participation of those players who "always been involved" to the conflict in the SAR.

Steinmeier noted that Russia and Turkey want to resolve the Syrian crisis. Both States have an interest to share responsibility for a political solution in Syria between several participants.

According to German politics, the Syrian conflict is an example of the failure of the negotiations of the Security Council of the United Nations. Steinmeier noted that the UN from the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the West has missed its chance.


London wants cooperation

Prime Minister Theresa may in the framework of his visit to the United States, London and Washington to cooperate with Moscow in the settlement of the Syrian crisis, using the rule "trust but verify". She said this, speaking in Philadelphia at the Convention of the Republican party of the United States.

Previously, London, said that the main condition for solving the crisis in Syria is to retire Bashar Assad and the total exclusion from political life of the country.

In addition, the UK is extremely skeptical about the contribution of the Russian Federation in the process of conciliation in the SAR.

earlier, wrote that the bomber struck a group attack on the positions of militants "Islamic state" (the organization is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation) in the besieged Deir ezzor.


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