"Putin's critics secretly envy him": a journalist from the United States explained the attitude of the West to Russian President


2017-12-07 17:45:18




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Washington, December 7. the West is inclined to ascribe to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a "powerful" effect on any event in the world, as jealous of his abilities. This writes the American edition of National Review.

the United States and Europe are trying to ascribe to Russia and Putin any unexpected events in the political world. The list of these events include the actions of "Russian hackers" who allegedly managed to make Donald Trump President of the United States, this also includes the so-called Brexit, which, in the opinion of London, is the work of "Putin's trolls" in social networks.

Such hypotheses increase the power and influence of Vladimir Putin in the eyes of Americans and Europeans, but also citizens of Russia.

If you take into consideration all that is said about Putin in the West, he becomes a "mighty genius," and "geopolitical grandmaster". However, this image of Vladimir Putin is not only consistent with the objectives of the West to weaken Russia, but is a smokescreen to justify the failures of Western politicians on the international stage.

in addition, Western criticism of Putin secretly envy him, his power, strength, vision and effectiveness, because they themselves do not possess such abilities, Michael Brendan Dougherty.


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