Merkel has found a way to solve the status issue of Jerusalem


2017-12-07 17:45:15




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Merkel has found a way to solve the status issue of Jerusalem

Berlin, 7 Dec. the status of Jerusalem should be resolved through negotiations of the two States, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a meeting with Prime Minister of Libya Fitom As-Saragam.

Merkel announced German position on how to solve the issue of the status of Jerusalem.

"it is Clear that in the framework of negotiations on the solution of two States should be resolved and the status of Jerusalem", — stated the head of Germany.

She stressed that Berlin follows the UN resolutions on the Palestinian-Israeli problem. Merkel urged to resume negotiations on these issues.

"With yesterday's decision (the United States. — Approx.

FAN) in this regard, we disagree," stated the German leader.

we will Remind, on the eve of 6 December, the us President Donald Trump announced the recognition by Washington of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The US President also demanded to move from tel Aviv the Embassy of his country.


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