Podygryshe Kiev: the expert has questioned the deployment of peacekeepers on the border of Russia and Ukraine


2017-09-14 09:15:09




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Podygryshe Kiev: the expert has questioned the deployment of peacekeepers on the border of Russia and Ukraine

Peacekeeping forces on the territory of Donbass should have a broad mandate, including place them on the Russian-Ukrainian border. This was stated by the head of the press service of the State Department of the United States Heather Nauert. About how the emergence of peacekeeping forces to affect the situation in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation, read the material Federal news Agency.



According to Nauert, Washington is considering such a measure as a possible tool for the protection of citizens of Ukraine.

Recall that in early September, the President of the Russian Federation stated that it supported the idea of sending peacekeeping forces to the East of Ukraine. He stressed that nowhere, except in the demarcation line between the warring parties, peacekeepers must not be allowed.

Moscow all of his proposals outlined in the draft resolution and submitted it to the Security Council of the United Nations.

In turn, the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko said that the peacekeepers should be stationed on the territory of Donbass, and the Russian-Ukrainian border.


Inevitable peacekeepers

Analyst Igor Ryabov in an interview with Federal news Agency explained: in General, the statements of all the parties it is seen that the placement of UN forces in the Donbas is inevitable. Everyone agrees, even Poroshenko.

"what the state Department is playing to the desire of the Ukrainian side to put the posts on the Russian-Ukrainian border, this is understandable, and not so much. These posts will quickly understand its futility. But forces at the contact line will solve the main problem — the attacks will stop.

"Ensuring the safety of OSCE observers by UN personnel can be carried out not only on the line of contact after reconstitution of forces and means of both parties, but in other places where special monitoring mission of the OSCE carries out its inspection visits, in accordance with the Minsk package of measures" is a compromise position worked out by Russia and Germany, and is likely to be implemented. Now you need to promptly accept the resolution. What will this mean? In the event of serious internal political turmoil in Ukraine, a house of cards, not overwhelm Donbass. The situation in the DNI and LC will no longer be a Ukrainian internal affair," — said Igor Ryabov.

As earlier reported , Russia is not against the initiation of substantive negotiations on entering into the territory of Donbass UN peacekeeping mission.


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