DNI: Ukrainian law enforcers opened fire on Yasinovataya


2017-01-29 11:15:10




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DNI: Ukrainian law enforcers opened fire on Yasinovataya

Donetsk, January 29. APU on Sunday morning and opened fire from heavy artillery in the industrial area near Yasinovataya the attack is still ongoing, said the operational command of the DNI.

"Around 8: 00, the Ukrainian army opened fire at the industrial area of artorudy caliber 152, and 122 mm mortars, 82 and 120 mm," — said a source in the operational command, reports Donetsk news Agency.

launched more than 70 projectiles, the Ukrainian military also allowed grenade launchers, heavy machine gun and small arms.

Previously reported that several villages in the South of the DNI were left without electricity due to the shelling Kyiv security forces.


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