News new Russia: DNR six villages remained without electricity, the APU four times fired at the LC army


2017-01-29 10:00:11




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News new Russia: DNR six villages remained without electricity, the APU four times fired at the LC army

Novosti novorossii, January 29. Six villages in the South of the DNI were left without electricity as a result of shelling by the APU, the Kiev law enforcers over the past day, four times fired at positions of the LPR militia.


attack on electricity

Six settlements in the South of Donetsk people's Republic completely de-energized due to heavy night shelling by Ukrainian security forces. It is reported by the head of the new Azov region of Anatoly Yanovsky.

According to officials, only for the last night as a result of artillery attacks, arranged by the Ukrainian army, suffered the support and power transmission lines in the villages of Kominternovo, Zaichenko, New REP, Dzerzhinsk, Lenin and Sergeevka. The inhabitants of these settlements were left without electricity.

Janowski said that to eliminate the effects of attacks and restore the mains, the authorities of the DNI was sent to the troubled district special repair team, which should as soon as possible to restore supply of electricity.

Recall, for the last days fighters of the Ukrainian army more than 1200 times attacked the territory of the Donetsk people's Republic. In 90% of cases in places of hit of shells were unleashed as the homes of civilians.


Tanks APU fire at the front village DNI

Ukrainian military, starting from 22.00 on January 28, and released about 270 a tank and artillery shells on the frontline settlements of Donetsk people's Republic.

It was practically along all line of contact.

From the APU fire affected towns of zaytsevo near Gorlovka, They, Aleksandrovka, Staromykhailivka on the Western part of Donetsk, the airport area and the "Volvo-Center" in the North of the capital. Moreover, the shells flew in the village of Spartak, Vasilevka, Kruta Balka yasinovatskiy district, Leninsky, Dzerzhinsky, Sahanka, Kominternovo, Nameless, October, New REP Novoazovskiy district, Dokuchaevsk.

According to the army DNI, APU did not hesitate to use weapons, infantry fighting vehicles, automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.


violation of the "silence" in LC

Over the past day Ukrainian army fired four times at the positions of the LPR militia.

As reported by Luhansk soldiers fire at army positions Novorossia was coming from the direction of the village Crimean. Under the strongest blow came Frunze village and the village Novohryhorivka. Another attack was carried out with standard weapons infantry fighting vehicle, 82 mm mortars and heavy machine antitank grenade launchers SPG.

it is also Worth noting that the village of Kalinov were fired from 120-mm mortar shells, a blow was coming from the direction of the Trinity.

Beat the APU in the new building and from 82-mm mortars. Recall that the participants of the contact group on settling the situation in Donbas to meet in Minsk on 21 December 2016, said the need of the establishment from the 24th of December a "comprehensive and sustainable ceasefire" in the region. This agreement became the tenth agreement on the maintenance of the "regime of silence". However, Kyiv security officials are in no hurry to implement it.


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