DNR units prepare for defensive action


2017-01-28 15:00:16




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DNR units prepare for defensive action

Donetsk, January 28. Armed forces of the DNI continues to prepare soldiers and to enhance their professional skills. At one of these classes was visited by the correspondent of the Federal news Agency.

Classes are held at the site. "Working on the theme of "platoon in defense", in principle covering all: medicine, tactics, zeroing, and radio.

All that can be useful to fighters, all that will help them", — told correspondents of the FAN commander.

look a Bit surreal standing in an open field of desks and drawers, around which small groups of soldiers listen attentively to the instructors, try yourself and try to deal with unclear points.

Then the group moves to the next study site, and there carefully delves into the theme. Fighters are taught to use walkie-talkies, first aid, working with engineering obstacles, to bring weapons to a normal battle, and even to identify toxic substances.

A separate stand is devoted to training in tactics, where the men in the models were analyzing the tactics and actions of each in conducting possible combat unit in defense. "Adults playing soldiers," the laughing soldiers in camouflage, hung with weapons and ammunition, their inlets around the layout.

"Overall, learned quite a lot. Clarified some points, for example, the radio was the problem, it was necessary to tighten the antenna.

We twisted, twirled, so nothing happened. And here and told, and shown. In General, the benefit of these classes, we before the war, about anything that many people do not know", — shares his impressions of one of the soldiers.

At the end of class, flags, desks and drawers like magic disappear, and only trodden and sometimes melted on hot shell casings falling snow reminiscent of that on the field classes were held.


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