News new Russia: under the Lugansk wounded the doctor, six thousand attacks for the DNI, deserters, Mat LC


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News new Russia: under the Lugansk wounded the doctor, six thousand attacks for the DNI, deserters, Mat LC

Novosti novorossii, January 27. DNI fired 5956 times a week in Bryanka to the shelling of the APU was a doctor, a people's militia LNR told about the personnel losses of the Ukrainian security forces.


DNI under fire

Military APU over the past week 5956 times attacked the territory of the DNI, the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DNI Eduard Basurin. He also stressed that as a result of attacks by Ukrainian troops, 26 houses were damaged.

According to Baturina, for this week, there were 1.5 thousand attacks more than last week.

AFU used artillery, tanks and mortars 1976 times. The intelligence of the Donetsk people's Republic revealed a division of MLRS "Grad", a company of armored personnel carriers and a platoon of infantry fighting vehicles, deployed on Gorlovka direction. Battery of mortars with caliber of 120 mm and a battalion personnel were deployed in Donetsk area.


Useless service

the Ukrainian military lost over a week in the area of so-called "ATO" 22 soldier: eight of them were killed, another 14 had deserted, said the official representative of the LPR militia major Andrey Marochko.

Marochko noted that the "fighters" of the Ukrainian Armed forces have long ceased to consider service in the armed forces as a reliable, prestigious and promising" long and relate to their military duty as interim earnings.

Official representative of the LPR militia also added that the defense Ministry continues to record "facts of collective refusal to perform criminal orders, desertion, self-mutilation and the rise of non-combat losses in the APU and the national guard because of the moral and psychological state of personnel".


APU wounded the doctor in Bryanka

as a result of shelling of the city of Bryanka were wounded head of the city polyclinic No. 2 58-year-old Yuriy serebryanskiy, said of PERSONS.

AFU attacked the village in the night of Friday, January 27.

The attack injured two civilians. It is reported that at the time artudara the doctor was in his own house. He was hospitalized in traumatologic office of the Central city hospital, where doctors operated on foot men. At the moment the patient's condition is satisfactory.

As noted by the chief of Department Mr Soup, his patient of mine blast injury from a projectile hit the building.


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