News Novorossia: Donetsk under the "castle", the DNI and LC do not give up, "Cobra" creeping in Lugansk


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News Novorossia: Donetsk under the

Novosti novorossii, January 27. AFU shelled Donetsk from MLRS "Grad", the fiery nights of Lugansk, Ukraine sneaks in the LC — recruiters will not take responsibility.


"Grad" in Donetsk Mat again gvozdas of MLRS in the capital of the DNI

the Ukrainian security forces again staged a fiery night in Donetsk people's Republic, covering of reactive systems "Grad" district long-suffering "Volvo-center" in the Northern outskirts of Donetsk.

About 23.15 AFU began shelling the city, opening fire on the area of "Volvo-center" of MLRS "Grad", said the representatives of the operational command of the DNI. About destructions and victims among military and DND civilians no information.

the last time the Ukrainian security forces fired Donetsk from rocket artillery on January 12. Then the fire in the city was conducted near the village of Sands from the position 46 a separate airborne assault brigade of the armed forces, announced the command of the DNI.

Under fire of the Ukrainian "Grad" hit the village Marinka, which is under the control of the Kiev authorities.


Fiery nights of Lugansk — LPR again under fire of Ukrainian security forces

In the night of Friday, the APU shelled and the territory of the Luhansk people's Republic. Ukrainian security forces fired on human settlements LC — Pervomaisk and kalynove village.

as a result of actions of the Ukrainian security forces damaged several private homes, the disruption of the pipeline due to damaged power lines, many homes were left without electricity. Victims among the civilian population there, said the administration of Pervomaisk.

currently, repairers and gas companies LNR are working to restore livelihoods in the affected areas of the city.

For documenting the consequences of a night attack APU in place of the fire went representatives of the administration of Pervomaisk of the Department of infrastructure, reported in the city administration. Earlier it was reported that during the shelling of the Ukrainian artillery also hit town Bryanka, two civilians were injured.


SBU sneaks in Lugansk — MGB LNR announced the list of recruiters

the Ministry of public security people's Republic of Lugansk (LNR MGB) released a list of 22 employees of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) sent to Lugansk for the recruitment of citizens of LC.

This was announced by the head of the centre for public relations of the MGB LNR Eugene, lubenko.

According to lubenko, power Ministry continuously detects and warns of traitors to the actions of the intelligence services of Ukraine on the territory LNR.

"during the investigation of the criminal case initiated on the fact of the organization of SBU espionage activities on the territory of the LC (LC article 336 of the criminal code "Espionage"), it is established that on the territory of the Kiev-controlled part of the Luhansk region, there are mobile teams of the SBU of the employees of the regional departments throughout Ukraine", — said lubenko. According to her, these groups are directly subordinated to the Central apparatus of the SBU.

Goals and objectives neglected in the LC of staff of the Ukrainian intelligence services is the recruitment of citizens of the Luhansk people's Republic to gather information constituting a state secret, said the representative of Lugansk MGB.

In particular, in the village of Novoaydar in the territory of the Kiev-controlled part of the Luhansk region stationed unit of the state security Service of Ukraine by the code name "map-148", formed from employees of the SBU in the Lviv region.

"of Individual employee data set," — said Eugene lubenko.

Lugansk information center gives the names of the employees of the division of map-148, which are engaged in the recruitment of Luhansk.

Among them colonels Ruslan Besko (call "male"), Victor Boyko (Callsign "Boyce") and Sergey Chapiha (call sign "Green"), a Lieutenant Colonel with the call sign "V", "Sam", "Baby", "Georgians" and "Pastor" (the latter not to be confused with "Bloody pastor" Turchynov).

Also, the list includes captain, nicknamed "gosh" captain Paul Marco, the major "talking" nicknames "Cobra", "Tourist", "Marcus", "Mongol" and "Saver", lieutenants "Hamster" and "Puncher" and warrant officers "Dum", "Zema" and "Thor." There is, presumably, civil — Andrew Kozak (call "Circo").

"Collected during the investigation the materials will not allow all these persons to evade criminal liability for their illegal activities," — said the representative of the MGB LC.


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