Voronezh region to take a loan of 5.3 billion rubles


2017-11-14 20:00:10




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Voronezh region to take a loan of 5.3 billion rubles

Voronezh, November 14. Voronezh oblast will take a loan of almost 5.3 billion rubles to cover the budget deficit and to repay the debts of the region. The results of the auction appeared on the procurement website on Monday, November 13.

Creditor was Sberbank, which will receive 1.34 bn for the deal. The loan is at 8.5% and will last for three years, said the Bank will provide: two loans one billion, with another billion and fourth in the amount of 1.28 billion rubles.

Recall that the Department of Finance of the Voronezh region announced four tender on 23 October this year.

It is noted that the application form for participation in competition were submitted by another organization, but her name is not reported. Thus, the savings Bank became the winner of tenders.


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