Shestakov: Russian fishing fleet return to the Antarctic in the coming years


2017-09-14 14:15:13




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Shestakov: Russian fishing fleet return to the Antarctic in the coming years

Russia will update its fishing fleet and replenish its new and modern vessels in the coming five to seven years to return to Antarctic waters for the development of the World ocean. This was told in the first day of the International fishery forum in St.-Petersburg the Deputy Minister of agriculture, head of the Federal Agency for fishery Ilya Shestakov. Read more at Federal news Agency.

international fishery forum opened in St. Petersburg, hour and a half discussion on fisheries in the oceans.

The views of Russia on the development of the World ocean and its plans for the development of its own fisheries will be further discussed during the second day of the forum with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich, but briefly about Russia's strategy until 2030, said the head of the Federal Agency for fishery Ilya Shestakov. The strategy has five pillars and one of them is the upgrading of the fishing fleet.

"It's already started: the new ships are built at domestic shipyards now has 16 contracts, – said Shestakov. – We expect 50-60 new vessels over the next five to seven years, and will build more than 10 fish processing factories in the far East and in the Northern basin. We lay the possibility of mass return of the Russian fleet in the Antarctic area for the production of valuable fish species, for processing and development of aquaculture, so that part of the state strategy lays about 700 billion rubles for the first implementation period to 2025, and a large part of these funds will go for construction of new vessels and active fishing in the Antarctic".

In the days of the forum Arkady Dvorkovich, Ilya Shestakov, Deputy head of the Agency Peter Savchuk will take part in solemn ceremony of laying of the keel of the fishing trawler on the territory of JSC "Leningrad shipyard "Pella".

The new vessel is designed for catching demersal fish species and processing the catch on Board. To do this, the trawler will install freezer fish hold volume of 1400 cubic meters and the hull fish meal with a volume of 230 cubic meters. Side factory will be able to fully cook the fish for sale: sorting, gutting and filleting immediately after receipt of the catch, as well as to make harvesting fodder meat and fish meal. Eating a fishing trawler Murmansk company "Murmanseld-2".


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