Rosstat calculates the cost of the food basket in different cities


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Rosstat calculates the cost of the food basket in different cities

Moscow, January 27. Rosstat decided to calculate which of the regions of Russia in December 2016, the most money spent on food, and in some less. Thus, it was found that most of the money in the grocery stores leave residents of the Far East. Overall, according to the newspaper "" with reference to Rosstat data, during the year food basket in Russia rose 3.5%.

According to authorities, the cheapest minimum set of products in the Volga Federal district.

There the people pay for it 3363 ruble 80 kopecks. But in the far East, this figure is 5290 rubles and 90 kopecks. However, for some residents of this region and this amount is not the limit. For example, the residents of Chukotka are willing to pay for a minimal set of products 9204 ruble 10 kopecks.

it Should be noted that in other Federal districts, the cost of the food basket ranged from 3510 rubles 30 kopecks to 4285 rubles and 60 kopecks.

How, in turn, said senior researcher of the Institute for applied economic research the Russian Academy of national economy Vadim Novikov, the cost of products in the Chukotka region due to climatic conditions. According to him, in each region the products are imported from different places, respectively and the cost of transportation, products of different.

In Rosstat noted that the residents of the Central part of Russia in a month you can spend on products total 3788 rubles, but in the Kursk region can and does live on 2999 rubles 80 kopecks.

the Cost of the minimum food set in Moscow in the end of December amounted to 4447 rubles 80 kopecks. For the month it rose by 0.8%, and YTD by 5%.

it is Reported that to date, a minimal set of products including bread and pasta, vegetables, fruit, eggs, butter, dairy products, meat, fish, sugar, salt, tea.

The average monthly cost of such diet, according to Rosstat, at the end of December 2016 was made 3701 ruble 90 kopecks. Thus since the beginning of the year food basket in Russia rose 3.5%.


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