Rosstat calculates how expensive Christmas buffet in 2017


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Rosstat calculates how expensive Christmas buffet in 2017

Moscow, December 8. Prepare the new year's table will cost the Russians in 2017, nearly 4% higher than a year earlier. These are the data of Rosstat, published on the official website.

According to the calculations of Rosstat, this year the cost of a set of Christmas products will be 6,096 thousand rubles.

This exceeds last year's index by 3.76% (5,875 thousand).

So, for example, one of the main attributes of the festive table — caviar, rose compared to the previous year by 18.57% to 756,97 rubles. Potatoes for the year was higher by 9.41% and now stands 17.21 ruble. But, according to Rosstat, by 7.93% cheaper chicken.

in order to make "Olivier", the Russians will have to spend at least 312,68 ruble, which is 0.84% more than last year. On the other hand, cooking "Herring under a fur coat" will be released by 1.52% lower than a year earlier.

Another important element of the festival, alcohol has also become more expensive.

In particular, the vodka has risen in price on 3,53%, champagne — by 4.64%.


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